Indus Tech Expo

From Reservations, Logistics, to Site selection, all are masterly handled by our professionals.

Dronacharaya Events provides a full-suite customized package for destination events, keeping the client as an integral part of the planning. Behind our passion for operational excellence lies our acute mettle to outweigh the complexities that can come in the way of making the event a great success. Whether you are looking for a location or have one in the mind, we provide our expertise, management skills, and mindful planning to ensure your event has a memorable ending. In our twelve spectacular years, we have had the pleasure of planning destination events for Corporate, Couples, and Individuals celebrating milestone events.

The energy will keep the guests focused, their mood elevated, and the engagement heightened.

Whether you are seeking urban excitement, simple tranquility, or something in between, we provide the true flavors of what you desire, no matter where you are. Be it a business meeting, conference, launch event or award night, with us, the event ends with an amazing experience.

Event Volunteering, Scouting, and Planning are the things that have been a great part of our success.

We can help you with:

  • Local Transportation
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Site/ Location selection
  • Travel Reservation
  • Secure Bulk Reservation
  • Catering and Decor
  • Photography
  • Group Hotel Reservation
  • Event Theme Planning
  • Custom DJ Services
  • Sound and Lighting

Types of Events we organize:

  • Corporate Events
  • Product/ service Launch
  • Destination Wedding
  • Private party
  • Presentation and Client Meet
  • Press Conference
  • Award Night
  • Custom Event

We take-up all the challenges and ensure you enjoy sophistication and hospitality in the truest sense. With us, you can enjoy all that your destination has to offer!

We are the One-stop Customized Event Management Service Provider with affordable solutions.

Having served clients from the different industry vertical, we make events Noticeable, Engaging, and Memorable.